We pride ourselves in being Yucaipa’s #1 hometown pharmacy


At Green Valley Pharmacy, we strive to provide proactive pharmaceutical care to our patients and healthcare providers. As opposed to a traditional approach to prescription filling and refilling, we work with our patients and providers one-on-one to create a treatment plan that fits their lifestyle. Our goal is to help our patients achieve healthier and longer lives, so they are able to do what they enjoy.

Our personal approach has been able to lower Emergency Room and Hospital readmission rates, as well as reduce the amount of both time and money our patients spend to get their medication. Doctors offices we work with also express that our pharmacy has reduced their workload in processing prescription orders.

Just speak with any of our patients or providers to see the difference!


Green Valley Pharmacy, Yucaipa’s preferred hometown pharmacy, is owned by Walter and Sylvia Wong. We pride ourselves in being a good ole’ Mom ‘n Pop Pharmacy, as we focus on providing Whole Person Care aside from pharmaceutical services. After years of working for a chain pharmacy and different independent pharmacies, we understand what an independent pharmacy can, and should, provide the community with that corporations cannot; a relationship.

You can count on our competitive pricing, fast and friendly service, local delivery, and our personal attention.

We look forward to your next visit!

Whole Person Care

 “Wholeness means the lifelong, harmonious development of the physical, intellectual, emotional, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of a person’s life, unified through a loving relationship with God and expressed in generous service to others.”

Gerald R. Winslow, Ph.D., Loma Linda University

At GVP, providing Whole Person Care is our goal ,

Your well-being is our primary focus.