This program is designed to assist you on taking your medication as directed,decreasing the risk of unnecessary complications from non-adherence and improving your overall health and quality of life. There is no cost to the program and is easy and convenient and it only takes a few minutes for us to set up your profile.

We will review your medication list each month, make adjustments after your doctor and hospital visits, and check for possible drug interactions. We keep on open ear to ensure you can talk with our Pharmacist any questions regarding your medication.

Together, we can choose an appointment day, which is simply the day each month that you can come in to pick up all your prescriptions at once. Say goodbye to all those unnecessary extra trips! With this program you receive personalized service, a convenient single monthly trip to the pharmacy, and the freedom from worries about forgetting to call for your refills or running out of your medication.

  • Fewer trips to our pharmacy
  • Synchronized prescription refills
  • A convenient new way to have all your prescriptions filled on the same day each month
  • Prescriptions are ready on the day you and our pharmacist decide
  • No more stress about running our of medication